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State Library of South Australia Advance Australia : South Australia and Federation

Official sources

Parliamentary papers

1857-58 Both 141 Federation of Australian Colonies. [Despatch from Secretary of State for the Colonies, and enclosures relative to Federation of the Australian Colonies.]
1857-58 L.C. 171 Federation of Australian Colonies. [Letter from Chief Secretary, Victoria, enclosing an address and report from the Legislative Assembly of that Colony, on the subject of the Federation of the Australian Colonies.]
1857-58 188 Report of the Select Committee of the House of Assembly, appointed to report on Colonial Federation.
1857-58 190 Report of the Select Committee of the Legislative Council, appointed to report on Australian Federation.
1860 71 Correspondence on Federal Union. [Letter from Chief Secretary, Victoria, enclosing reports by Legislative Assembly, Victoria, relative to the Federal Union of Australian Colonies; together with reply from Chief Secretary of South Australia.]
1868-69 30 Despatch relative to Federal Council Act.
1881 28 Intercolonial Conference. Minutes of Proceedings of the Intercolonial Conference held at Sydney, January, 1881. [Bill to establish a Federal Council of Australia not agreed to.]
1881 28 Appendix B A Bill to establish a Federal Council of Australia.
1883-84 229 Minutes of Proceedings of the Intercolonial Convention, 1883, held in Sydney, November-December 1883. [S.W. Griffith's resolution that a Federal Australasian Council should be created.]
1884 38 Despatch re federation of colonies.
1885 59 Despatch re establishment of a Federal Council of Australasia.
1885 139 Despatch re Federal Council Adopting Bill.
1885 163 Correspondence re Federal Council Act of Australasia.
1889 40 Federal Council of Australasia - appointment of South Australian representatives. [T. Playford and C.C. Kingston]
1890 51 Record of the proceedings and debates of the Australasian Federation Conference, 1890.
1891 78 Draft Bill to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia.
1891 148 Revenue and expenditure affected by the proposed Commonwealth.
1892 164 Correspondence re Federal Council.
1893 139 Correspondence re Federal Council.
1894 131 Correspondence re intercolonial free trade and Federation.
1894 131A Further correspondence re intercolonial free trade.
1894 141 Re-entry of South Australia into Federal Council.
1895 38 Minutes of Proceedings of Conference of Premiers, Hobart. [G.H. Reid's proposals regarding Federation; Draft Enabling Bill presented by G. Turner and C.C. Kingston.]
1895 71 Correspondence re Federal Enabling Bill.
1895 101 Further correspondence re Federal Enabling Bill.
1897 120 Cost of entertaining Federal Convention.
1898-99 147 Correspondence re Federation.
1898-99 153 Particulars of amendments proposed to be made in the Commonwealth Bill.
1898-99 154 Minutes of Conference of Premiers on Commonwealth Bill, held in Melbourne in 1899.
1899 26 Certificate of the result of election re Commonwealth Bill. [65,990 South Australian and Northern Territory votes to accept amended Commonwealth Bill; 17,053 reject the Bill.]
1899 88 Correspondence with Western Australia re Commonwealth Bill.
1900 25 Minutes of Proceedings of Conference of Premiers, held at Melbourne in April, 1900. [Commonwealth of Australia Bill: telegrams from Australian -particularly Western Australian -delegates; London delegates; and Colonial Secretary J. Chamberlain]
1900 58 Commonwealth Bill - amendments proposed by Imperial Government.
1900 65 Federal elections - division of Province into Districts.
1900 68 Commonwealth Bill of Australia - copy of cablegrams to and from London. [Kingston's reports re negotiations concerning Commonwealth Bill with Imperial Government]
1900 90 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900.
1900 99 Governorship of States in the Commonwealth.
1901 46 Proclamation of Commonwealth of Australia.
1901 116 Commission appointing Lord Tennyson Governor of South Australia.
1927 55 Report on the financial effect of federation on South Australia.
1929 54 Report of the Royal Commission on the finances of South Australia, as affected by federation.