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Contemporary sources

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Books and pamphlets

Advertiser Newspapers Ltd. New appeal clause [to the Commonwealth Bill: comments, with Chief Justice Way's criticism.] Adelaide: s.n., 1900.
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.94 b
Advertiser Newspapers Ltd. The Privy Council appeal: Chief Justice Way's observations [on the Commonwealth Bill.] [Adelaide]: The Advertiser, 1900.
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.94 b
Anti-Commonwealth Bill League. (S. Aust.) To the electors of South Australia... Adelaide: The League, [1898.] [1 broadside.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.94 A629 b (2)
Australasian Federation League of South Australia. Federation commercially considered. [Adelaide: s.n., n.d.].
Mortlock Pamphlets 321.021
Australasian Federation League of South Australia. Report of the inaugural meeting in South Australia, held at the Town Hall, Adelaide, on Thursday, August 1, 1895. [Adelaide: W.K. Thomas], 1895. [Reprinted from South Australian Register, August 2nd, 1895.]
Rare Books 321.021 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Australasian Federation League of South Australia. Rules of the Australasian Federation League of South Australia. Adelaide: [Hutchison, Craker & Smith], 1895.
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.9401
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Australasian Federation League of South Australia. Why not federate? Adelaide: Hutchison, Craker & Smith, [n.d.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.94 b
Australian Natives' Association. (S. Aust.) Australian Natives' Association: its history, its work, annual report etc. Adelaide: [Goodwin, 1907.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 334.7
Australian Natives' Association. (S. Aust.) General laws for the government of the Australian Natives' Association. Adelaide: The Association, 1889.
Mortlock Pamphlets 334.7
Baker, Richard. The Commonwealth Constitution of Australia. Adelaide: Sherring Printers, 1900.
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.9402 B168
Baker, Richard. The executive in a federation. Adelaide: C.E. Bristow, Govt. Printer, 1897.
Rare Books 354.94 B168 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Baker, Richard. Federation. [Adelaide: Scrymgour & Sons], 1897.
Rare Books 342.94 + Mortlock Pamphlets
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Baker, Richard. A manual of reference to authorities for the use of the members of the Sydney Constitutional Convention which will assemble on March 2, 1891, for the purpose of drafting a constitution for the Dominion of Australia. Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1891.
Mortlock Books 342.94 B168
A manual of reference to authorities for the use of members of the National Australasian Convention which will assemble at Sydney on March 2, 1891, for the purpose of drafting a constitution for the Dominion of Australia. Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1891.
Mortlock Books 342.94 B168.2
Campbell, A. (Allan) Finances of federation. [Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1897.]
Pamphlets 342.9401 b + Mortlock Pamphlets
Cave-Browne-Cave, W. C. Adelaide Convention Bill: suggestions, amendments...made in course of debates, in the Parliaments of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.[1897.]
See: Collected pamphlets on Australian federation. vol. 2, no. 20.
Rare Books 342.9401
Cave-Browne-Cave, W.C. Australian federation: notes of views, etc., expressed at the National Convention of 1891, and in the Parliaments of Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia, 1891, 1892; also at the Bathurst Federal Convention, and by candidates and the press in connexion with the Convention to be held in Adelaide, 1897.
See: Collected pamphlets on Australian federation. vol. 1, no. 1.
Rare Books 342.9401
Cockburn, John A. Australian federation. London: Horace Marshall & Son, 1901.
Storage 342.94042 C665 (2) + Mortlock Books (2) + Symon Library 342.94
Cockburn, John A. 'Problems of Australian federation'.
See: Hearnshaw, F.J.C., ed. King's College lectures on colonial problems. London: Bell, 1913, pp. 73-105.
Storage 325.42.
Cockburn, John A. South Australia as a federal unit: a paper read before the Royal Colonial Institute, March 14, 1899. [London?: s.n., 1899.]
Rare Books 321.02 C665 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Federal Convention election: manifesto of Labor candidates. Adelaide: A.& E. Lewis, Printers [for the United Labor Party of South Australia], 1897. [1 sheet.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 324.294013 F293 c (2)
Federation and intercolonial free trade. [Adelaide?: s.n.], 1890 printing. [Reprinted from the South Australian Register, Adelaide Observer and Evening Journal.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 382.71
Glynn, P. McM. Federal constitution: the proposed amendments. Adelaide: [P. McM. Glynn, 1915.
Rare Books 342.9403 G568 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Glynn, P. McM. Federalism, its principles and application. [Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1890.] [Reprinted from South Australian Register, February 5, 1890.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.9401
Glynn, P. McM. Federation: speech. Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, [1897.] [Reprinted from South Australian Register, July 7, 1897.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 321.02 G568
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Glynn, P. McM. A review of the River Murray question, riparian rights, etc. Adelaide: [s.n.], 1891. [Reprinted from South Australian Register under the authority of the River Murray Royal Commission.]
Rare Books 333.9100994 G568 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Glynn, P. McM. The working of federation. [Adelaide: The Advertiser, 1903?]
Mortlock Pamphlets 321.02 G568
Gordon, John H. Federation of the Australasian colonies: speech. Adelaide: Burden & Bonython, 1890.
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.9401
Gordon, John H. Speech on federation, delivered in the Legislative Council of South Australia. Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1891. [Reprinted from Hansard, July 14,1891.]
Pamphlets 342.94 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Griffith, Samuel. Notes on the Draft Federal Constitution framed by the Adelaide Convention of 1897: a paper presented to the Government of Queensland. Brisbane: Edmund Gregory, Govt. Printer, 1897.
Pamphlets 342.94 G854 + Mortlock Books
Hughes, William Morris and W.T. Dick. Federation as proposed by the Adelaide Convention, set forth, discussed and illus. by diagrams. [Sydney: T.B. Perry & Co., 1897.]
Pamphlets 342.94
+ See: Collected pamphlets on Australian federation. vol. 1, no. 13. Rare Books 342.9401
Jefferis, James. Australia confederated: a lecture delivered in the Town Hall, Adelaide, with speeches on the occasion by W.F.D. Jervois et al. Sydney: George Robertson, [1880.]
Mortlock Books 342.94 J45 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Kingston, Charles Cameron. The democratic element in Australian federation. [Adelaide: s.n.], 1897. [Reprinted from Review of reviews, February 1896.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 321.02 K55
Kingston, Charles Cameron. The Government policy as announced by the Premier and Attorney-General. Adelaide: Burden & Bonython, 1893. [p. 8. Federal matters. Reprinted from Hansard, June 29, 1893.]
Rare Books 342.942
View imageView image
Kingston, Charles Cameron. The Government policy as announced by the Premier Hon. C.C. Kingston at the Town Hall, Adelaide, April 2, 1896, and on social reforms to a deputation on February 20, 1896. Adelaide: J.L. Bonython, The Advertiser, 1896. [pp. 6-7. Australian Federation.]
Rare Books 342.942 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Kingston, Charles Cameron. The Government policy as announced by the Premier (C.C. Kingston), at the Town Hall, Adelaide, March 30, 1899. Adelaide: Bonython & Co., 1899. [p. 4. Federation.]
Rare Books 342.9942 K55 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Kingston, Charles Cameron. To the electors of South Australia: [an open letter on federation. By C.C. Kingston and F.W. Holder. Adelaide: J.H. Sherring, c.1900. 1 leaflet.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.94 b


Kingston, Charles Cameron. To the people of South Australia: [an open letter on federation by C.C. Kingston and others.] Adelaide: Govt. Printer, 1898. [1 leaflet.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.94 b

The South Australian delegates urge a 'Yes' vote at the 4 June 1898 referendum.

Kinloch, Arthur. The Australian question: a pamphlet comprising certain letters published in the South Australian Register and Times... Adelaide: Printed at The Register and Observer Office, 1853.
Pamphlets 342.94 K55 Photocopy + Mortlock Pamphlets
Luogo. Suggestions [for an 'Australasian Federation Act, 189?'] [Adelaide: Sands & McDougall, n.d.].
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.94
Odgers, Alfred. Federated Australia: prize essay and novelette. [Adelaide: A. Odgers 1901]
Mortlock Pamphlets 321.02 O.23
Richards, William Pearce. The dear Australian Commonwealth: six states, seven governors, and seven parliaments, consisting of a multitude of paid legislators: a satire, including an imaginary conversation between Mr. & Mrs. Augustus Lavisham, faithful followers of "fickle fashion": humorous, logical, instructive, original: in verse and prose. By Observer of the National Trend. Adelaide: Printed for Mr Wm. Pearce Richards at Cresent Printery, [1902?]
Mortlock Pamphlets 829.7 R519 (2P)
Richards, William Pearce. The extra-ordinary impressions of Mr. and Mrs Augustus Lavisham: [a satire on the federation of Australia.] Adelaide: Hunkin, Ellis & King, [190-?]
Rare Books 829.7 R519 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Song of Australia, Carleton. [Newspaper cuttings relating to Mrs. C. Carleton, Carl Linger and 'The Song of Australia'. Bound volume containing several versions of 'The song of Australia' from 1859-1936; newspaper cuttings and letters from 1903-1936; a photograph of Carl Linger, and a reproduction of a portrait of Caroline Carleton.]
Mortlock Books 784.5 S698 c
Spence, Catherine Helen. An autobiography. Adelaide, [S. Aust.]: W.K. Thomas, 1910. Edited and introduced by Jeanne F. Young. [Reprinted from The Register.]
Storage 994.2303 S744 + Rare Books + Mortlock Books
Spence, Catherine Helen. Effective voting: Australia's opportunity: an explanation of the Hare system of representation. [Adelaide: s.n.], 1898 printing.
Pamphlets 324.22 S744 Photocopy (2) + Mortlock Use Pamphlets + Mortlock Pamphlets
Spence, Catherine Helen. Effective voting: one vote, one value. [Adelaide?: s.n.], 1893 printing. [From The Advertiser, February 9th, 1893.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 324.21 S744 (2)
Spence, Catherine Helen. South Australia's victory for adult suffrage. [Adelaide: State Library of South Australia S.A. Collection, 1980] [Photocopy of an article published in Canadian magazine, 5, May-Oct. 1895, pp. 276-277.]
Mortlock Pamphlets 324.62309942 S744
Spence, Catherine Helen. What is effective voting and how is it to be secured? [Adelaide?: s.n., 1896?]
Pamphlets 328.3347 S744 Photocopy + Rare Books + Mortlock Pamphlets
Symon, Josiah. Australasian Federal Convention. Mr J.H. Symon's speech on the question of appeal to the Privy Council. [Extracted from the Official Record for Friday, 11 March, 1898]. Melbourne: Govt. Printer, [1898.]
See: Collected pamphlets on Australian federation vol. 2, no. 35. Rare Books 342.9401
Symon, Josiah. The Australian Commonwealth Bill: observations by J.H. Symon in reply to Chief Justice Way's attack upon the delegates and Mr Chamberlain's "compromise" as to Clause 74. Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1900.
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.94 S988
+ See: Collected pamphlets on Australian federation vol. 1, no. 26. Rare Books 342.9401
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Symon, Josiah. The Australian Commonwealth Bill: the Spectator's criticism: a reply. Adelaide: Hussey & Gillingham, 1900.
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.9401
+ See: Collected pamphlets on Australian federation vol. 1, no. 27. Rare Books 342.9401
Symon, Josiah. Federal Council Bill: speech delivered 27th February 1884. Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1884.
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.9401
+ See: Collected pamphlets on Australian federation vol. 1 no. 28. Rare Books 342.9401
Symon, Josiah. Speeches: (1) State rights and the Constitution of the Senate on 10th September, 1897; (2) Federal land taxation by Sir Josiah Symon in the Federal Convention and in the Senate. Adelaide: Publishers Ltd, 1932.
Mortlock Pamphlets 342.94 S988
Synopsis of the Commonwealth Bill, approved by the South Australian representatives. Adelaide: C.E. Bristow, Govt. Printer, [1898.]
Pamphlets 342.94 S993 + Mortlock Pamphlets
Tennyson, Audrey. Audrey Tennyson's vice-regal days: the Australian letters of Audrey, Lady Tennyson to her mother Zacyntha Boyle, 1899-1903. Ed. Alexandra Hasluck. Canberra: National Library of Australia, 1978.
General Collection 994.2303 T312 + Mortlock Use Books + Mortlock Books
Way, Samuel James. Some observations on the provisions of the 'Draft Bill to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia' with respect to appeals to the Privy Council. Adelaide: W.K. Thomas, 1900.
Rare Books 342.94 W357 b + Mortlock Pamphlets
Fraser's magazine. New series, vol. XVI, October 1877, pp. 526-539. [Spence, Catherine Helen]. 'Australian federation and Imperial Union. By a Colonist'.
Periodicals 805
Journal of the Royal United Service Institution (Great Britain), vol. 42, February 1898, pp. 128-158. Gordon, Colonel J.M. 'The federal defence of Australia'. [Gordon was Commandant of the Military Forces, South Australia.]
Periodicals 355.06
Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, vol. 30, March 1899, pp. 208-237. Cockburn, John A. 'South Australia as a federal unit'.
Periodicals 060
Mortlock Periodicals 050 Q c [microfilm]
Quiz 1897  
4 February 1897, p. 12 col. D. 'Federal Convention. To the electors of South Australia'. [Election notices. V.L. Solomon; C.H. Goode.]  
11 February 1897, p. 9. 'The Patriots march'. [Cartoon. J.H. Chinner.]  
4 March 1897, p. 9. 'Heads I win'. [Cartoon. J.H. Chinner.]
p. 12 col. D. [Election notices for candidates for Federal Convention 1897: Kingston, Holder, Cockburn, O'Loughlin; Glynn; Tomkinson.]  
11 March 1897, p. 9. 'The finish'. [Cartoon. J.H. Chinner.]  
18 March 1897, p. 8 col. B. 'Conventionists no. 1. Barton'. [Conventionists series of caricatures. J.H. Chinner.]  
p. 9. 'Labor at the Portal'. [Cartoon. J.H. Chinner.]  
25 March 1897, p. 8 cols. A-C. 'Federation facts and fancies'.  
p. 8 col. B. 'Conventionists no. 2. Reid'.  
p. 9. 'The modern tower of Babel'. [Cartoon. J.H. Chinner.]
View image
1 April 1897, p. 8 cols. A-C. 'Federation facts and fancies'  
p. 8 col. B. 'Conventionists no. 3. The President'. [C.C. Kingston.]  
p. 9. 'See saw'. [Cartoon. J.H. Chinner]  
22 April 1897, p. 8 col. B. 'Conventionists no. 6. [Sir Josiah] Symon'.  
p. 9. 'Riparian rights - Federal Convention'. [Cartoon. J.H. Chinner.]  
29 April 1897, p. 9. 'The Farewell'. [Cartoon. J.H. Chinner.]  
6 May 1897, p. 8 col. B. 'Conventionists no. 8. Sir John [Downer]'.  
27 May 1897, p. 8 col. B. 'Conventionists no. 11. Howe [James Henderson]'.  
17 June 1897, p. 8 col. B. 'Conventionists no. 14. [Glynn, Patrick McMahon]'.  
1 July 1897, p. 8 col. B. 'Conventionists no. 16. Holder [Frederick William]'.  
29 July 1897, p. 8 col. B. 'Conventionists no. 20. Gordon [John Hannah]'.  
12 August 1897, p. 9. 'Odds and ends'. [Cartoons; include 'The Federation debate (in the early hours)'.]  
23 September 1897, p. 9. 'Home they brought her warrior'. [Cartoon. J.H. Chinner.]

Uncertainty about the future of Federation. Quiz 23 September 1897


27 January 1898, p. 8. 'Sprinklings'. 'The Federal spirit! It doesn't exist, and it never has existed.'  
10 February 1898, p. 8. 'Sprinklings'. 'The Federation farce is very nearly played out.'  
p. 9. 'A watery question.' [Cartoon. C.A.M.]  
24 February 1898, p. 8. 'Sprinklings'.'The Federal Convention is, as a matter of fact, deceased, and long may it remain so'.  
p. 9. 'The Federation stakes'. [Cartoon. C.A.M.]  
24 March 1898, p. 6. 'The Federal Convention'.  
31 March 1898, p. 9 'Deserters'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
7 April 1898, p. 9. 'The federal nurses'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
28 April 1898, p. 13. 'The Sign of the (Southern) Cross'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
5 May 1898, p. 8, cols. A,C. 'Federation - now or in 20 years'.  
p. 9. 'The new babe in the wood'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
12 May 1898, p. 9. 'Federation bubbles'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
19 May 1898, p. 2. 'The Commonwealth Bill (a musical comedy in one Act)'.  
p. 9. 'Strange bedfellows'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
2 June 1898, p. 9. 'Walking the plank'. [Cartoon. C.A.Marquet.]
View image
9 June 1898, p. 8. 'Federation in the air'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
28 July 1898, p. 9. 'Federation'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
17 November 1898, p. 11. 'The Federal Art exhibition'. 'Promoted by the South Australian Society of Arts: the first exhibition of the kind held in Australasia.'  
Quiz 1899  
2 February 1899, p. 3. 'Political potherings'. 'Let Federation come quickly - provided the Constitution is sufficiently elastic, so that it can be adapted to the rapidly changing conditions of modern civilization.'  
p. 8. 'Fizz and federation'.  
p. 9. 'At the A.N.A. banquet'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
16 February 1899, p. 8. 'Here and there'. [Conference of Premiers.]  
23 February 1899 p. 8. 'Hear here'. [Federation, Western Australia, and Northern Territory.]  
p. 9. 'Cartoonlets'. [Cartoons. C.A. Marquet.]  
2 March 1899, p. 9. 'Topical 'toonlets'. [Cartoons. C.A. Marquet.]  
9 March 1899, p. 8. 'Hear here'. 'South Australia can shake hands with herself on the business-like attitude of the Parliament passing the amendments on the Commonwealth Bill made at the Premiers' Conference in Melbourne.'  
22 June 1899, p. 8. 'Hear Here'. 'Today unto us a nation is born.'  
10 August 1899, p. 8. 'A suspicious move'. [Election of federal members of Parliament.]  
5 October 1899 p.9. 'A political auction'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
19 October 1899, p. 4. 'The high priestess of effective voting'. [C.H. Spence.]  
Quiz 1900  
8 February 1900, p. 5. 'To the people of South Australia'. [C.C. Kingston accepts honour of representing South Australia on the Australian delegation to England]  
p. 9. 'Three men in a boat'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
27 March 1900, p. 9. 'Odds and ends'. [ Includes 'The federal delegates'. Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
26 April 1900, p. 9. The "Clause" that binds'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
3 May 1900, p. 9. 'J.H. Symon Q.C.' [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
31 May 1900, p. 3. 'Topicalities'. [Cartoons. C.A. Marquet.]  
9 August 1900, p. 9. 'The happy federal family'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
13 December 1900, p. 13. 'Ready for the great trek to Sydney'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
20 December 1900, p. 12-13. 'Australia's march to nationhood'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
27 December 1900, p. 4. 'In re Lyne'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
p. 9: 'Barton takes on the Federal job'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
p. 14. 'Federata'. '. . . there is not time to arrange for a big public demonstration, in Adelaide, at least worthy of the occasion.'  
Quiz 1901  
3 January 1901, p. 6. 'Personalities'. [Federal Ministry.]  
p. 8. 'The swearing in of Lord Tennyson as the first State Governor of South Australia'. [photo.]  
p. 9: 'The National baptism'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
10 January 1901, p. 4. 'An historic scene in the Commonwealth'. [photo.]  
p. 5. 'The inauguration of the Commonwealth at Sydney'. [photo.]  
p. 11. 'After the "bust" - the recovery'. [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
4 April 1901, p. 8. 'They're off!' [Cartoon. C.A. Marquet.]  
18 April 1901, p. 3. 'The declaration of the poll . . . for federal elections in South Australia.'  
p. 4. Senators: J.H. Symon, Tom Playford, R. Baker. [Federal politicians series of caricatures. C.A. Marquet.]  
p. 5. John Downer, D.M. Charleston, G. McGregor. [Caricatures]  
p. 8. Members of the House of Representatives: C.C. Kingston, Langdon Bonython, P. Glynn, F.W. Holder, V.L. Solomon, A. Poynton. [Caricatures]  
p. 12. E.L. Bachelor. [Caricature]  
2 May 1901, p. 3. 'South Australian Contingent at the Federal celebrations'. [photo.]  
9 May 1901. Special supplement. [Opening of Federal Parliament.]  
16 May 1901, p. 4. R. Baker, F.W. Holder, G. McGregor. [Caricatures]  
p. 9. 'The Federal prize winners'. [Caricatures]  
23 May 1901, p. 4. 'Some Federal matters'. E. Barton, C.C. Kingston, G. Turner. [Caricatures. C.A.M.]  
p. 5. A. Deakin, W. Lyne, J. Forrest. [Caricatures. C.A.M.]  
p. 8. P. Fysh, R.E. O'Connor. [Caricatures. C.A.M.]  
10 July 1901, pp. 12-13. 'Quiz's map of Federated Australia'. [C.A.M.]  
11 July 1901. Special Royal number. p. 14. 'South Australian delegation to Federal Ministry'. [Caricatures. C.A.M.]  
17 July 1901, p. 3. 'Town Hall: Duke and Duchess'. [photo]  
p. 4. 'Procession: King William Street'. [photo]  
p. 5. 'The Town Hall by night'. [photo]  
p. 13. 'Market gardeners' triumphal arch'. [photo]  
Review of reviews [Australasian edition]
Periodicals 050 R
Review of reviews 1896  
vol. 8, no. 2, 1896, pp. 134-140. Kingston, C.C. 'The democratic element in Australian federation'.  
Review of reviews 1897  
vol. 10, no. 4, April 1897, pp. 385-389. 'Federal Convention' [Adelaide session]; pp. 410-415. Higgins, H.B. 'The Federal Convention at work'. [Pt. 1.]  
vol. 10, no. 5, May 1897, pp. 565-571. Higgins, H.B. 'The Federal Convention at work. Pt. 2. Trade and finance'; 'The work of the Convention'; 'The Federal Bill'.  
vol. 10, no. 5, May 1897, pp. 572-576. 'What the Federal Convention has done. By some of its members'. [Includes F.W. Holder, J.A. Cockburn, J. Downer, J.H. Gordon.]  
vol. 10, no. 6, June 1897, pp. 661-669. Quick, John. 'The next step in Federation'.  
vol. 11, no. 1, July 1897, pp. 56-61. Griffith, S.W. 'The draft Federal Constitution framed by the Adelaide Convention of 1897: a criticism'.  
vol. 11, no. 2, August 1897, pp. 151-152. 'The Federal debate'.  
vol. 11, no. 4, October 1897, pp. 441-445. Holder, F.W. 'The Sydney Convention of 1897'.  
Review of reviews 1898  
vol. 13, no. 3, March 1898, p. 297. 'The Federal Bill'; 'The Bill in brief'; pp. 298-299. 'What the leaders of the Convention say about it'. [Includes F.W. Holder, J. Symon, C.C. Kingston, P. McM. Glynn, R. Baker.]  
vol. 13, no. 3, March 1898, pp. 302-305. Holder, F.W. 'Why South Australia should accept the Bill'.  
vol. 13, no. 4, April 1898, pp. 384-385. 'The Opposition'.  
vol. 13, no. 5, May 1898, pp. 544-566. 'A post-card plebiscite on the Federal Bill: why I shall vote "Yes" on June 3 by leading men in the colonies'. [Includes C.C. Kingston and other South Australians.]  
United Australia
Periodicals 050 U c
United Australia 1900  
vol. 1, no. 1, January 1900, pp. 9-11. Holder, F.W. 'What will it cost?'; pp. 15-16. Spence, Catherine Helen. 'The 'Hare' system applied to Commonwealth elections'.  
vol. 1, no. 2, April 1900, pp. 14-15. Spence, Catherine Helen. 'Woman's place in the Commonwealth'.
View image
vol. 1, no. 4, October 1900, pp. 5-6. Downer, John W. 'The Federal Judiciary'.  
United Australia 1901  
vol. 1, no. 6. April 1901, pp. 4-5. Holder, F.W. 'A revenue tariff for Australia - from a freetrade point of view'.  
vol. 2, no. 2, August 1901, pp. 3-6. Solomon, V.L. 'The Northern Territory'.  
vol. 2, no. 3, September 1901, pp. 8-9. Glynn, P. McM. 'Locking the rivers'.
View image
vol. 2, no. 5. November 1901, pp. 3-4. Holder, F.W. 'Federal expenditure'.  

United Australia 1902

vol. 2, no. 7, January 1902, pp. 12-15. 'Eminent federalists. no. 9. Josiah H. Symon'.  
vol. 2, no. 9, March 1902, pp. 3-5. Spence, Catherine Helen. 'The Federal Electoral Bill'.  
vol. 2, no. 10, April 1902, pp. 16-17. 'Eminent federalists. no. 12. Catherine Helen Spence'.
View imageView image
vol. 2, no. 12, June 1902, pp. 4-6. Smeaton, Thomas H. 'Australian naval defence'.  

Newspaper articles

In the late nineteenth century, an era without radio, television or the Internet, the Press played a major role in providing information and influencing opinion. Selected newspaper articles from the Observer and Advertiser trace the development of Federation and South Australia's role in this process. Factors which contributed towards the final achievement of Federation, including defence, trade, transport and economic depression, are featured. Influential issues such as attachment to the British Empire, desire for racial exclusiveness, and attainment of women's suffrage in South Australia are recorded.

A comparison of reports about Federation in these two newspapers reveals the diversity of opinion on the best way to achieve a union of the colonies. The Observer supported Federation and presented positive reports of its progress, advocating a "Yes" vote at the 1898 Referendum. The Advertiser was rather critical of its development, and of the Commonwealth Bill, and printed more negative comments in both articles and letters to the Editor. However, by 1899 the Advertiser began to publish more accepting articles, and its proprietor Langdon Bonython became one of the first members of Federal Parliament.

Both the Observer and the Advertiser were published in Adelaide, the Observer as a weekly publication, and the Advertiser as a morning daily. Rural newspapers including Mount Gambier's Border Watch, Port Augusta Dispatch, and Mount Barker Courier; the Labor Party's Workers' Weekly Herald; and magazines Quiz and the Lantern and Critic, also provide contemporary coverage about Federation. These publications are available to view on microfilm in the State Library of South Australia.

Critic 9 April 1898