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Advertiser 21 January 1893
p. 4 cols. E,F. Editorial. [no title] 'The necessity of machinery for dealing with questions of common Australian interest is constantly presenting itself . . . The required machinery exists in the shape of the Federal Council, and yet the absurd prejudices of the senior colony and the vacillating policy of South Australia have had the effect of placing it beyond the reach of utilization.'
Advertiser 9 February 1893
p. 5 col. F. 'Effective voting.' [By Miss C.H. Spence.]
Advertiser 1 August 1893
p. 5 col. D. 'Australian federation. The Corowa Conference. Important resolutions carried.'
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Advertiser 24 May 1894
p. 4 cols. E,F. 'Sir George Dibbs on federation.' 'The Commonwealth Bill, according to his declarations at Tamworth, merely spoils good paper. It is too expensive a scheme. It preserves State rights, and State rights ought to be swept away. There ought not to be six Governors, but only one . . .'