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State Library of South Australia Advance Australia : South Australia and Federation

Archival sources

Angas, George Fife (1789-1879), philanthropist and a founder of South Australia. Includes correspondence, documents, printed material, plans, drafts of bills and papers relating to the South Australian Company, 1808-1880. (Restricted, access to copies only. No copying or publication without written permission.)
PRG 174/26 Copies of correspondence between Angas and the Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1835-1861. Letter nos: 38, 40-41, 44-48 re federation.
Australian Labor Party - South Australian Branch, formerly the United Labor Party of South Australia, from ca.l900. Part microfilm. (Restricted, no access without written permission.)
SRG 73/1 Minutes of Council meetings, executive committee meetings and annual conferences, Mar 1900-Oct. 1953. 8 reels microfilm. Reel 1: Mar 1900-Jan 1908.
Australian Natives Association. Records comprising minutes, historical notes, newspaper cuttings, photographs and honour boards.
SRG 280 South Australian Board of Directors minutes. Vol: 1888-1898.

Extract from Minutes of a 'Special Board Meeting' of the Australian Natives' Association held at Beach's Restaurant, Adelaide on 10 May 1897, recording 'our hearty approval of the [Constitution] Bill'. MLSA: SRG 280, Vol. 1888-1898, Australian Natives' Association

Extract from Minutes of a 'Special Board Meeting' of the Australian Natives' Association held at Beach's Restaurant, Adelaide on 10 May 1897, recording 'our hearty approval of the [Constitution] Bill'. MLSA: SRG 280, Vol. 1888-1898, Australian Natives' Association
Ayers, family. Papers of Sir Henry Ayers (1821-1897), Premier of South Australia; includes letters received from Governors, Lady Musgrave, and of his daughter, Lucy Lockett Ayers, 1840-1960.
PRG 67/4 Letters from governors, 1867-1892. Letter 1891 from Kintore.
PRG 67/32 Newspaper cuttings, 1834-1951, 5 vols, indexes. Compiled by Henry Ayers and continued by another hand after his death. Chiefly relating to South Australian politics, but including much biographical and obituary material; includes a report of the Intercolonial Conference, 1873.
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Baker, Sir Richard Chaffey (1841-1911) and family, including miscellaneous papers concerning the formation of the Australian Postal Union, 1885-6, ca.1890-1901.
PRG 38/1 Scrapbooks containing newspaper cuttings, leaflets, pamphlets and correspondence. Vol 7 has election speeches, 1884-1901. Vol 9 various papers re Australian federation, 1897-1898 (including two letters from Edmund Barton to Baker.)
Bice, Sir John George (l853-1923). Draft of his first hustings speech, Mar 1894.
PRG 1178
Bonython, Sir John Langdon (1848-1939), comprising correspondence between Bonython and Sir J Cockburn, 1898-1929. Manuscript, films, photos.
PRG 979/1 Correspondence to Cockburn from Bonython, 1898-1929. Letters: 1898-1905.
PRG 979/4
Correspondence to Bonython from Cockburn, 1898-1930. Letters: 1898-1901.
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Boucaut, Sir James Penn (1831-1916), including papers concerning judicial matters, politics, the Northern Territory, railways, charges by Boucaut against HE Downer, the labour movement, Murray River trade, Victorian constitutional crisis, photos.
PRG 1046/2 Legal and judicial papers, 1857-1876. Letter nos: 24-25 re intercolonial legislation.
PRG 1046/3/5 Political papers, 1862-1886. Letter no: 21 re prospects of federation.
Coneybeer, Frederick William (1859-1950), Labor MP and Minister of Education. 1871-1950.
PRG 22/1 Diaries, 1881-1944 (some gaps). Vols: 9,11,14 (includes eyewitness account of Commonwealth celebrations).
PRG 22/4 Includes letters received, 1894-1930.
PRG 22/11 Summary diaries, 1874-1936. Vol 1.
PRG 22/9
State election leaflets, 1893-1924.
PRG 22/19 Report and news sheets issued by Trade Unions and Co-operative Societies. 1888-1897.
PRG 22/25 Miscellaneous photos, prints, decorated invitation cards, various dates.
PRG 22/30 Diagrams of gaugings of the River Murray, tabled at Australasian Federal Convention, Sydney, 1897.
Congregational Union of South Australia. Records of the Union, theological college, associations, records of individual churches and some churchmen.
SRG 95/146/35 North Adelaide Young Men's Society minutes, 1862-1864, 1868-1871, 1884-1909, 1909-1912. Vol 5: 1897-1899, Vol 6: 1899-1909.
Duncan family. Papers of Handasyde (1811-1878) and Annie Jane (1858-1943). Reminiscences, photos, sketches. ca. 1838-1941.
PRG 532/6 Biographical notes, reminiscences by Annie Duncan, 1858-1941. Book 3 includes eyewitness account of Commonwealth celebrations in Sydney.
Finniss, Boyle Travers (1807-1893), soldier, surveyor and public servant. Reminiscences, diaries, correspondence, notebooks, documents, newspaper cuttings, photos.
PRG 527/7 Notebooks. Vol 23 includes points to consider re federation.
Glynn, Patrick McMahon (1855-1931), parliamentarian and constitutional lawyer.
PRG 78 Diaries 1880-1919. Microfilm.
Gordon, Sir David John (1865-1946) and family, including photos, 1892-1962.
PRG 520/1 Editorials from the Register newspaper, 1897-1901. 1v.
Hunkin, Leslie Claude (1884-1984), public servant, MP.
PRG 350/42 Includes newspaper cutting from Australasian with photo of 1897 Convention.
Jefferis, Dr James (1833-1917). Congregational minister, advocate of non-sectarian education and of federation. Papers include university lecture notes, text of addresses, notebooks, cuttings books.
PRG 997 Contains manuscript and newspaper cuttings relating to federation.
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Jeffrey, George Frederick (1879-1922). Diary kept while serving on HMS Protector, 1900-1901. Includes Boxer rebellion, Commonwealth inaugural ceremonies.
D 4619(L)
Kingston, Charles Cameron (1850-1908), lawyer and politician. Records of his parliamentary career.
PRG 1039/1 Matters relating to Kalgoorlie-Port Augusta railway, 1903.
PRG 1039/2 Memorandum re Conciliation Bill, 1892.
PRG 1039/3 Drafts of speeches given in House of Representatives on the introduction of first customs tariff, printed papers re tariff, 1901-1902.
Lewis, John (1844-1923), pastoralist and MP.
PRG 247/39 Invitations issued to John Lewis to attend various federation celebrations.
Liberal Party of Australia, SA Division. Records including the former Australian National League, Liberal Union, Liberal Federation and Liberal and Country League. Includes minutes, subject files, electoral papers, membership lists, reports, posters and photos; also records of the Liberal Club Ltd and the Young Liberal Movement, 1900-1908. (Restricted, no access without written permission.).
SRG 168/1/2 Minutes of Council meetings of the Australasian National League and later, the Liberal Union, 1900-1921.
Murray, Sir George John Robert (1863 -1942), Chief Justice and Lieutenant Governor of South Australia.
PRG 259/Item 54 Letter from J. Symon, 1901.

National Australasian Convention, Sydney. Roll, with signatures of delegates, 2 March 1891. (This copy was presented to CC Kingston, one of the delegates from South Australia).
D 5700(Misc)

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Newland, Simpson (1835-1925), pastoralist, author, MP. Papers comprising photos, correspondence, notebooks, articles, original manuscripts.
PRG 288/16-23 Papers, correspondence re North South Railway, transfer of Northern Territory to Commonwealth government (1883-1925).
Pitt, George Henry (1891-1972). Historical research papers prepared by GM Pitt, South Australian Archivist, Public Library of South Australia.
PRG 171/Box 1, Folder 19 Notes on federation.
Post and Telegraph Conference, Sydney, 1900. Account of after-luncheon speeches, 13 Dec 1900.
A 196
Premiers' Conference, Melbourne, 1899. Minutes on the Commonwealth Bill, signed by Premiers, 3 Feb 1899.
D 5701(Misc)
Randall, Eliza Randall (1821-1902). Some references to husband David Randall's commitment to federation. Microfilm.
PRG 176
Searcy, Alfred (1854-1925), customs officer, parliamentary official and author.
PRG 212 Scrapbooks. Vol D contains some material re 1897 Convention.
Searcy, Arthur (1852-1935), parliamentary official, President of the Marine Board and Deputy Commissioner of Taxes, comprising volumes of newspaper cuttings re wrecks obituaries, reminiscences; photos.
PRG 280 Vol 5
has some references to federation.
Sowden, Sir William (1858-1943), editor of the Register newspaper, includes lecture notes, cuttings of lectures delivered.
PRG 41/
Box 1 comments on federation, 1905.
Spence, Catherine Helen (1825-1910) Manuscripts of sermons, articles, lectures, scrapbooks; also reminiscences by and of Miss Spence, 1866-1910. Microfilm use copy available.
PRG 88/7 Letters from Spence to Alice Henry, 1900-1910, (item list in series list folders).
Temperance Alliance of South Australia. Includes minutes, correspondence, membership records, 1844-1975.
SRG 223/1 Minute books record committee, annual general and special meetings, 1844-1975. Vol 4: 1896-1905.
United Trades and Labor Council of SA. Records, 1884-1949, microfilm. (Restricted. For access, permission must be obtained from the Secretary of the UTLC.)
SRG 1/1 Minutes, 1884-1949, include some minutes of the parliamentary subcommittee. Reel 1: 1885-1903.
Way, Sir Samuel James (1836-1916), Chief Justice, Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, President of the Public Library Board.
PRG 30/3 Letters received, drafts and copies of letters sent, 1870-1901, 1903-1909, 1913, 1914. Letters: 1900-1904.
PRG 30/4
Letters received, drafts and copies of letters sent on a proposed amendment to Clause 74 of Commonwealth Bill (dealing with right of appeal to the Privy Council, 1900.
PRG 30/5 Letterbooks, 1854-1860, 1871-1874, 1891, 1897-1900, 1902-1916. Vols: 4-8,10-12.
30/37 Autobiographical and biographical notes, various dates.
PRG 30/45 Cuttings books with articles on Way and his activities 1899-1924. Vol 1.
PRG 30/59
Invitations to New South Wales State Banquet in commemoration of the completion of the first 100 years of settlement and to a Commerce Luncheon to mark the establishment of the Commonwealth, 1888, 1901 in Sydney.
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Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Records 1889-1963.
SRG 186/3 Reports of WCTU annual conventions, 1887-1966, 11 vols. Vol: 1898-1906.
SRG 186/160
Petitions and Legislation Department record book, 1897-1970, 1 vol.

Research note 364 Note on the federal movement in South Australia and correspondence re the drafting committee of the Federal Convention of 1897 (Adelaide), 1945-1955.

Selection from the Mortlock Library South Australiana Database.
B 27440
Group photo of representatives at the Australasian Colonies Conference, 1873.
B 22268 Group portrait of members of Australasian Federation Conference, 1890.
B 47698 Drafting Committee for the Australian Federal Convention, 1897 (Sir John Downer, Edmund Barton and R.E. O'Conner).
B 7568-B 7569 Federal Convention in session in the House of Assembly, Adelaide, 26 Mar 1897.
B 12572
Federal Convention delegates (named), Adelaide, 1897.
B 18742 Press Representatives of Australasia (named), Federal Convention, Adelaide, 1897.
South Australian Delegates
B 3692
Richard Chaffey Baker, ca. 1860
B 3681 Sir John Alexander Cockburn, ca.1895
B 3783 Sir John William Downer, ca 1905.
B 3683 Patrick McMahon Glynn ca.1910
B 6678 John Hannah Gordon, ca.1905
B 3659 James Henderson Howe
B 1848 Charles Cameron Kingston
B 11139 Thomas Playford (1837-1915), ca.1900
B 3685 Vaiben Louis Solomon, ca.1885
B 36575 and B 11192 Catherine Helen Spence, ca.1900. Although Catherine stood for election to the 1897 Convention she was not successful. Nevertheless she received 18% of the vote and was Australia's first female political candidate.
Opening of Parliament May 1901
The British Government recognized the importance of demonstrating to the new federation of states that the King was closely associated with this new government. The need to maintain ties of loyalty to the 'mother country' was demonstrated by the contributions of the colonies to the South African War.
B 61432 HRH The Duke of Cornwall and York opening the first Commonwealth Parliament of Australia, 9 May 1901 (Photoengraving of a painting by Charles Nutall held on open access in the Mortlock Reading Room).
Visit of the Duke of York to Adelaide in 1901
After opening Parliament the Duke and Duchess visited each State, presented medals, laid fountain stones and met many thousands of people.
B 7534, B 7536 and B 20806 Parade along King William Street.
B 2541-B 2542, B 8477 Triumphal arches and decorations in Rundle Street.
B 39651 and B 24283 Procession along Rundle Street.
B 8476 Arch and decorations in Hindley Street, B 8482, B 41961 in East Terrace and B 45687 the Fire Brigade Arch.
B 22825 and B 45685 The Duke and Duchess of York visit the Town Hall.
B 13411-B 13413 Adelaide buildings decorated with lights for the visit of the Duke and Duchess of York.
B 22175 Visit of the Duke of York to Glenelg.
B 16229 The Duke of York planting a tree.
B 19200/54-B 19200/55 Mount Gambier Scottish Company who formed part of the guard of honour to the Duke and Duchess of York when opening Parliament and accompanied the Royal couple to Adelaide.
South Australia's first Federal politicians
Portraits of Richard Baker, Patrick Glynn, Charles Kingston, Vaiben Solomon and Tom Playford are listed above under South Australian delegates. The others are:
B 44579 Egerton Lee Batchelor, seated at the head of the table, with members of the ALP.
B 58972 David Morley Charleston.
B 11186 Sir John Langdon Bonython.
B 11136 Sir Frederick William Holder.
Advertiser 14 August 1914 Gregor McGregor, obituary and photograph (on microfilm).
B 10871 Alexander Poynton, centre bottom row, with other Labor Members of Parliament.
B 44232 Sir Josiah Henry Symon.
B 21814-B 21854
Series of photos of pageant to mark Commonwealth Jubilee Celebrations, 9 May 1951.
B 21855-B 21901 Commonwealth Jubilee Celebrations, 1951. Series of views within Jubilee train.

Francisco, Bronte Frederick
PRG 1010/1 Scenes of the 1951 pageant celebrating 50 years of Federation filmed at the Torrens Parade Ground, Adelaide (5 minutes, use copy on VHS video).