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Observer 5 January 1901
pp. 8-11 cols. A-E; p. 12 cols. A-D. 'Our nation's Natal day.' [illus.]

The ghost of Henry Parkes overlooks 'The national baptism,' Quiz 3 January 1901

p. 10 cols. C,D. 'The scene at Centennial Park. A mighty gathering.'  
p. 10 cols. D,E. 'Gathering of the Regiments. Forming the Procession.'  
p. 11 cols. C-E. 'The swearing-in ceremony.'  
p. 12 cols. D,E; p. 13 cols. A-E. 'The Federal Cabinet. Names of Ministers.' [E. Barton, A. Deakin, William Lyne, G. Turner, C.C. Kingston, John Forrest.]  
p. 13 col. E; p. 14 col. A. 'The Commonwealth celebrations. The South Australian guests.'  
p. 14 col. A. 'Celebrations in South Australia.' [Church services; military sports at Exhibition Oval; 'a Continental'.] View image
p. 14 cols. B-D. [Commonwealth poems.]  
p. 14 cols. D,E; p. 15 col. A. 'The State of South Australia. Swearing-in of Lord Tennyson. An impressive ceremony.' View image
p. 15 cols. B,C; p. 16 cols. A-C. 'Messages from eminent men to the people of United Australia.'  
p. 24 cols. D,E. Editorial. 'A new century - a new nation.' 'Therefore we submit to our fellow-Australians in unfaltering confidence, and with unbounded enthusiasm, the inspiring sentiment - "Advance Australia! Free, liberty-loving Australia! United Australia!" ' View image
p. 24 col. E; p. 25 col. A. 'Australia United.' 'Locally the birthday of United Australia was honoured more adequately by the people than by the Government as the presumed popular leaders; but there was little in what happened to impress upon the mind - especially upon the minds of the children - the untold significance of the events of the day.'  
p. 28 cols. B-D. 'The birth of the Commonwealth.'  
Special Supplement. The Commonwealth of Australia. [Photographs: p. 4. 'Views of fair Adelaide.'; p. 5. 'The Federal Convention.' [Adelaide, 1897]; p. 7. 'The scene in front of "The Register" Office on the night of June 4, 1898, when the first batch of votes for and against the Commonwealth Bill were posted.'; 'The final figures, showing large majorities in favour of the Bill in four colonies as shown on the board at "The Register" Office, Adelaide, June 7, 1898.']  

Observer 12 January 1901

p. 6 cols. A-E; p. 7 col. A. 'The Commonwealth celebrations - a retrospect.'  
p. 7 cols. A-E; p. 8 cols. A-E. 'The Commonwealth celebrations.'  
p. 8 col. E; p. 9 cols. A-C. 'The Commonwealth Cabinet. The division of work.'  
p. 13 cols. B-E; p. 14; p. 15 col. A. 'The Country. Our correspondents' letters.' [Federation celebrations at Aldinga, Hawker, Burra, Mount Gambier, Watervale, Yorketown.]  

Observer 26 January 1901
p. 8 cols. B,C; p. 9 cols. A-D. 'Death of the Queen.' [QueenVictoria.]

Observer 16 February 1901
p. 49 cols. A-E; p. 50 cols. A-C. 'The Federal Policy. The Prime Minister [E. Barton] at the Town Hall.'
Observer 2 March 1901
pp. 28-29. 'Visit of the Imperial troops. A great military pageant. Proclamation of the King.'
Observer 9 March 1901
p. 15 cols. D,E. 'Transfer of Post and Telegraph Services.' [South Australia's services to Federal control.]
p. 24 cols. D,E. Editorial. 'The Federal nominations.'  
pp. 41-43. 'The Federal campaign. Sir Richard Baker at Norwood.'  
p. 51 col. D. 'The Commonwealth and the military forces.'  
Observer 23 March 1901
p. 24 cols. D,E. Editorial. 'Protection in South Australia.' 'The Federal Minister of Trade and Customs [C.C. Kingston] recently excelled himself in championing his favorite policy of fiscal trade restriction. He even claimed that protection had benefited South Australia.'
p. 29 col. E. 'South Australian ministers.' 'The federal elections will be held on March 30.'  
p. 32 col. A. 'Election points for the people.'  
Observer 30 March 1901
p. 24 cols. D,E. Editorial. 'The great national election.'
Observer 6 April 1901
pp. 6-9. 'The federal elections. Polling in South Australia.' [Metropolitan and country voting.]
p. 24 cols. D,E. Editorial. 'The federal elections.'  
Observer 4 May 1901
p. 27 col. C. 'A State without a Government.' 'From Friday afternoon until a few days later there will not be a single Minister of the Crown in the State. All the members of the Holder Government will leave for Melbourne on that day . . .'
Observer 11 May 1901
pp. 7-11. 'The Royal visitors. The Commonwealth Carnival.' [illus.]
p. 27 cols. A-E. 'The Royal Tour.'  
p. 27 cols. D,E. 'Opening the Federal Parliament.' [illus.]
Observer 18 May 1901
pp. 6-11, p 12 cols. A-C. 'The Royal visit to Australia.' [illus.]
p. 6 cols. A-E. 'The Commonwealth. Parliament opened. Historic demonstrations. Message from the King.'  
p. 6 cols. C-E; p. 7 cols. A,B. 'At the Exhibition Building. A memorable ceremony.'  
p. 7 cols. B-E. 'In the Senate. Election of President. Unusual procedure.'  
p. 7 col. E; p. 8 cols. A-C. 'In the House of Representatives. The election of Speaker. A lively scene.'  
p. 8 cols. B,C. 'Demonstrations in South Australia.' [Yorketown; Wilmington celebrations.]  
p. 8 cols. C-E; p. 9 cols. A-D. 'Federal Parliament. In the Senate. The Governor-General's speech.'  
p. 9 cols. C-E; p. 10 col. A. 'In the House of Representatives.'  
p. 11 cols. C-E. 'A week in Melbourne.'  
p. 11 col. E; p. 12 cols. A-C. 'From a lady's point of view. Notes on the Procession. Parliamentary at home. Levee and Conversazione.'  
p. 12 col. A. 'South Australians.' [In Melbourne for the festivities.]  
p. 12 cols. C,D. 'Hoisting the flag.' The ceremony in South Australia. 'The ceremony of hoisting the Union Jack was carried out at many schools in South Australia on Tuesday simultaneously with the rest of the school children of the Commonwealth . . . Upon the receipt of this [telegraph] message flags were hoisted . . .' View image
Observer 25 May 1901
p. 24 cols. D,E. Editorial. 'The Federal Parliament.' '. . . on Tuesday [21 May] began the real work of by far the most important legislative body which has ever been convened under the Southern Cross.'
Observer 1 June 1901
p. 24 cols. D,E. Editorial. 'The Federal Parliament.'
Observer 22 June 1901
p. 27 cols. B,C. 'The Royal visit. Arrangements for Adelaide.' [Route of Royal procession.]
p. 27 cols. D,E. 'The Commonwealth. The Parliament. Steady work.'  
p. 29 col. C. 'Australia - making history.'  
Observer 13 July 1901
p. 24 cols. D,E; p. 25 col. A. Editorial. 'Our Royal guests.'
p. 27 col. A. 'Federal notes. The Federal capital.'  
pp. 30-31; p. 32 cols. A-C. 'The Royal visit.'  
pp. 33-39; p. 40 col. A. 'The Royal visit.' [illus.]  
p. 33. 'The Royal visit. The welcome to South Australia. Adelaide greets the Prince. A magnificent demonstration. Picturesque streets and cheering crowds.'
Special supplement. 'The Royal visit.' [photos.]
View image
Observer 20 July 1901
p. 30 col. D. 'Mr Kingston and other Federal Ministers.'
pp. 32-38; p. 39 cols. A-D. 'The Royal visit.'  
Special supplement. 'The Royal visit.' [photos.]  
Observer 7 September 1901
p. 32 cols. B,C. 'The Australian flag. The selected design.' [Commonwealth Seal also discussed. Illus.]
View image