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Observer 22 January 1898
p. 31 cols. A-C. 'The Federal Convention. "For the third and last time of asking." ' [Melbourne session. Summary of Adelaide and Sydney sessions.]; 'Opening day in Melbourne.'
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Observer 29 January 1898
p. 9 cols. A-D. 'The Federation Convention.' [January 21, 24, 25.]
p. 27 cols. B,C. 'The Federation Convention.' [January 26, 27.]  
Observer 5 February 1898
p. 6 col. E; p. 7 cols. A,B. 'The Federation Convention.' [January 28, February 1, 2.]
p. 32 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Convention.' [February 2, 3.]  
Observer 12 February 1898
p. 12 cols. B-D. 'The Federation Convention.' [February 4, 7, 8.]
Observer 19 February 1898
p. 9 cols. B-E. 'The Federation Convention.' [February 9-11, 14, 15.]
p. 9 col. E. 'South Australia at the Federal Convention.' 'When it is remembered that one South Australian delegate is always in the chair, either as President or Chairman of the Committees, it is clear that our delegates have been unusually diligent in debate.' View image
p. 24 cols. D,E. Editorial. 'Federal finance.'  
p. 29 col. B. 'The Federation Convention.' [February 16.]  
Observer 26 February 1898
p. 10 cols. B-D. 'The Federation Convention.' [February 17, 18, 21, 22.]
p. 24 cols. D,E. Editorial. 'Federation and the bounty question.'  
Observer 5 March 1898
p. 10 cols. D,E; p. 11 cols. A-C. 'The Federation Convention.' [February 23, 24, 25, 28; March 1.]
Observer 12 March 1898
p. 12 cols. A-C. 'The Federation Convention.' [March 2, 3, 4, 7, 8.]
p. 30 col. E. 'The Federation Convention. Wednesday, March 9. Violent speech by Mr Reid.' 'He declared that . . . the Bill as it now stood was one which the people of New South Wales could never accept . . .'  
Observer 19 March 1898
p. 15 cols. A-C. 'The Federation Convention.' [March 10, 11, 12, 14.]
p. 24 cols. C-E. Editorial. 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." ' 'The Constitution may not be perfect, but it at least provides a basis of federal union which the people of Australia may now accept or reject . . .' View image
p. 31 col. E. 'The Federation Convention.' [March 16. Drafting Committee's amendments accepted; resolution carried 'That this Convention now finally adopts this Constitution.']  
p. 31 col. E; p. 32 col. A. 'Final Day. Hopeful sentiments.' [March 19.]  
p. 32 cols. A-C. 'The Commonwealth Bill. Its provisions.' [Summary of the Draft Commonwealth Bill as it will be submitted to electors.]  
Observer 26 March 1898
p. 10 col. B. 'Federation.'
p. 10 cols. C,D. Correspondence. 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." '  
p. 24 cols. C-E. Editorial. 'Federation in view.'  
p 27 col. E. 'The Federal Campaign.' [Mr Edmund Barton '. . . said the Constitution remained after all the criticism a true and just plan fit for adoption by any free people in the world.' In Melbourne a meeting of the Trades Hall Council debated: 'In the opinion of this Council, the Commonwealth Bill is undemocratic in character . . . no federal Constitution is acceptable except it provides for a mass referendum and adult suffrage.']  
Observer 2 April 1898
p. 9 cols. C,D. 'The Federal Campaign. Speech by Mr Reid.' 'For his part, despite all fears he had for the future and though he could not take the Bill up with enthusiasm, because of blots in it, still he could not become a deserter from the cause of federation, and he would support the measure.'
p. 10 col. E. 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." '  
p. 15 col. E. 'Federation. Mr Glynn, M.P., at North Adelaide.' 'To secure freedom from attack and a voice in Eastern developments, Australia must unite.'  
Observer 9 April 1898
p.8 cols. B-E. 'The Federal Campaign.' [Victoria and New South Wales.]
p. 12 cols. B-D. Correspondence. 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." '  
p. 46 cols. A-C. 'The Federal Campaign. Address by Mr J.H. Symon; Mr Glynn at Port Adelaide.'  
Observer 16 April 1898
p. 27 cols. B,C. 'The Federal Campaign. Sir George Turner declares for Federation'; 'Anti-Federal activity in Sydney.'
p. 31 cols. D,E. 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." '; 'Address by Sir John Downer.'  
p. 31 col. E 'The Passover of Federation.' [Rev. A.T. Boaz's sermon at the Synagogue.]  
Observer 23 April 1898
p. 11 cols. D,E; p. 12 cols. A,B. 'The Federation Campaign. Addresses by the Premier [C.C. Kingston] and Treasurer [F.W. Holder]'; 'Sir R.C. Baker at Semaphore.'
p. 29 col. C. 'Federal Campaign Programme.' [Speakers at various country locations in South Australia.]  
p. 29 col. D. 'Some federal benefits.' [J.H. Gordon at Norwood.]  
p. 31 col. E. 'The Federation Campaign. Single-Tax League.'  
p. 31 cols. E,F; p. 32 col. A. 'Messrs. Kingston and Howe at St Peters.'  
p. 32 cols. A,B. 'Mr Brooker, M.P. at Thebarton.'  
p. 32 col. B. 'Hon. Sir R.C. Baker at Norwood; Hon. J.H. Gordon at Port Adelaide.'  
pp. 41-44 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Campaign.'  
p. 41 cols. A-C. 'Federation and the man on the land.'  
p. 41 cols. C,D. 'Federation and the man in the workshop.'  
p. 41 col. E; pp. 42-43. 'The Commonwealth Bill.'  
p. 44 cols. A-D. 'Meeting at Norwood. Addresses by Sir Richard Baker and Mr J.H. Gordon.'  
p. 44 cols. D,E. 'Meeting at East Adelaide. Addresses by Labour members.'  
p. 44 col. E; p. 45 col. A. 'Free-Trade Association divided.'  
p. 44 col. A. 'Mr Symon at Wallaroo.'  
Observer 30 April 1898
p. 13 cols. A-E; p. 14 cols. A-D. 'The Federation Campaign.'
p. 13 cols. A,B. 'Federation and the man of commerce.'  
p. 13 cols. B-D. 'F.W. Holder before the Chamber of Manufacturers'; 'Sir John Downer at Parkside'; 'Mr Kingston at the Democratic Club'; 'Port Adelaide.'  
p. 13 cols. D,E. 'Opposition by the Free-trade Association'; 'Supported by the Chamber of Manufacturers'; 'An Opposition League.'  
p. 14 col. A. 'The Anti-Federalists' Manifesto.'  
p. 32 cols. C-E. 'The Federation Campaign. Meeting at Port Augusta'; 'Feeling in the North'; 'In the other colonies'; 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." ' [Includes correspondence of R.C. Baker.]  
Observer 7 May 1898
p. 32 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Campaign. Anti-Commonwealth Bill League'; 'Synopsis of the Bill'; 'Meetings in the country'; 'In the other colonies'; 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." ' [Includes correspondence of J.H. Symon.]
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p. 41 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Campaign. Federation and the man with a fad'; 'Meetings in the Botanic Park'; 'Meetings in the country'; 'In the other colonies.' [Women's Federal League in Sydney.]  
Observer 14 May 1898
p. 13 cols. A-E; p. 14 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Campaign. Anti-Federalists at work'; 'Correspondence between Premiers'; 'Meeting of supporters'; 'Meeting in the Town Hall'; 'Federal prospects in the South'; 'Mr King O'Malley and Federation'; 'A Federation Sunday' [Council of Churches]; 'Meetings in the country'; 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." ' [Includes correspondence of C.C. Kingston and J.H. Symon.]
p. 32 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Campaign. Meetings in the country'; 'In the other colonies'; 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." ' [Includes correspondence of P. McM. Glynn, J.H. Symon.]  
Observer 21 May 1898
p. 31 cols. C-E; p. 32 cols. A-E. 'The Federation campaign. Federation and the civil servants'; 'The cost of federation - a criticism by the Treasurer'; 'A Ladies' meeting'; 'The Commonwealth League'; 'Meeting at Port Adelaide'; 'Anti-Bill manifesto'; 'Where are the Anti-Billites?'
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p. 45 cols. A-E; p. 46 cols. A-E; p. 47 cols. A-C. 'The Federation campaign. Federation and the railways'; 'Federation and �� s d'; 'Meetings in the country'; 'In the other colonies'; 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." ' [Includes correspondence of C.C. Kingston, Rev. J.W. Owen, Rev. A. Wilson.]  
Observer 28 May 1898
p. 3 cols. C-E. 'For United Australia. The Golden Chance of June the Fourth.' [Features 'How to vote on Federation Day' ballot paper]; 'Federation or isolation.' [poem]
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p. 6 cols. A-E; p. 7 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Campaign. If we fail to federate, what then?'; 'The approaching referendum'; 'Port Adelaide Anti-Commonwealth League'; 'The cost of Federation'; 'Vignerons and Federation'; 'The Democratic Club'; 'Federation Medal'; 'Federation and Local Bodies'; 'Meetings in the country.'  
p. 24 cols. C-E. Editorial. 'The humour of Anti-Federalism.' 'The only purpose of an Association like the Anti-Commonwealth Bill League must be united support by its members of one another in their propaganda; and herein lies the humour of the situation.'  
p. 29 col. C. 'South Australian Vignerons' Association. Annual meeting.' [Motion: 'That this meeting pledges itself to support federation, and recommends its adoption to the winegrowers of this colony' was unanimously carried.]  
p. 30 col. E; p. 31 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Campaign for United Australia. The Golden Chance of June the Fourth. Views of men who will say "Yes." '  
p. 31 col. A. 'Australia's anthem.'  
p. 31 col. A. 'A letter from the W.C.T.U.' [Woman's Christian Temperance Union] 'We trust that every woman will endeavour to understand what those conditions are, and give a conscientious reply. To refrain from voting, or to vote in either direction without carefully considering the result, will be a sinful neglect of duty.' [See also: 11 June 1898, p.11. To the Editor.]  
p. 31 cols. B-E. 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." ' [Includes correspondence of C.C. Kingston, R.C. Baker.]  
Observer 4 June 1898
p. 3 cols. D,E. 'How to vote on Federation Day. Ballot paper' [illus.]; 'For United Australia. The Golden Chance of June the Fourth.'
pp. 12-15 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Campaign'  
p. 12 cols. A-D. 'True Britons or "Little Australians?" '; 'For United Australia. The Golden Chance of June the Fourth.' View image
p. 12 cols. D,E; p. 13 col. A. 'A last word on Federal finance.' By F.W. Holder.  
p. 13 cols. A-C. 'Australian National League. The producers and Federation'; 'Union Parliament'; 'Referendum Day.'  
p. 13 cols. C-E; p, 14 cols. A,B. 'Meetings in the country.'  
p. 15 cols. A-E. 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." ' [Includes correspondence of King O'Malley, J.H. Symon.]  
p. 24 cols. C,D. Editorial. 'The duty of the voters.'  
p. 24 cols. D,E; p. 25 col. A. 'To working men.' 'Do not be mislead by your leaders . . . When your leaders tell you to be afraid of you brother-Australian workers they surely show a low estimate of your powers.'  
p. 27 col. C. 'Referendum Day. Polling in the other colonies.' [New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.]  
pp. 30-32 cols. A-E. 'The Federation Campaign. For United Australia.'  
p. 30 cols. A-E. 'The Golden Chance of June the Fourth'; 'This Bill or no Federation'; ' "Jonathan Smith" on the Constitution'; 'The song of Australia' [written and set to music as a result of a competition invited by the Gawler Institute Committee; words by Mrs Carleton, music by Herr Linger]; 'The building up of our Commonwealth' [By Cardinal Moran]; 'The coming of the Commonwealth.' [By the Rev. Dr. Jefferis.]  
p. 30 col. E; p 31 col. A. 'United Australia.' By J.H. Symon.  
p. 31 cols. A-E. 'To the electors of South Australia.' [C.C. Kingston and F.W. Holder]; 'An exposure of mis-statements'; 'Dr Cockburn and Federation'; 'The Premier at Trades Hall.'  
p. 32 cols. A,B. 'Meetings in the country.'  
p. 32 cols. D,E. 'The Federal "Yes" or "No." ' [Includes: ' "Yes" from the W.C.T.U.' By Elizabeth Nicholls, Australasian President W.C.T.U., and 'The vote of the W.C.T.U.' By Alice Carpenter, Col. Supt. Suffrage Dept.]  
p. 39 col. D. 'The Ladies' page. Chatter. Yes or no.' '. . . women should approach the matter [voting at the Referendum] with becoming earnestness . . .'  
Observer 11 June 1898
p. 8 cols. A-E; p. 9 cols. A-E; p. 10 cols. A-E. 'The Federal "Yes." Triumph of patriotism'; 'The voting' [figures given]; 'New South Wales' [majority for the Bill but the minimum not reached]; 'The position in New South Wales' [leading men interviewed]; 'Tasmania declares for Federation.'
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p. 11 cols. A-E. [Correspondence re federation. Includes: 'The W.C.T.U and federation' by Elizabeth Nicholls, Australasian President W.C.T.U.]  
p. 13 cols. B,C. 'Crumbs.' [Illustration of flag; 'Victory' poem.]
p. 24 cols. C-E. Editorial. 'How the Federal question stands.'  
p. 28 col. A. 'The Federal issue.' [South Australia does not support New South Wales and Victoria's proposal to conduct Premiers' Conference about Federation.]  
p. 30 cols. C,D. 'United Australia. Declaration for nationhood.' [Lists voting results in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.]  
p. 30 cols. C-E; p. 31 cols. A-C. 'The Federal situation in New South Wales.'  
p. 31 col. D. 'The Poll in South Australia. The country vote'; 'One and indivisible.' [poem]
Illustrated supplement. 'United Australia. The Federal referendum.'
Observer 18 June 1898
p. 24 cols. C-E. Editorial. 'The Federal deadlock and Mr Reid.'
p. 31 cols. A-E; p. 32 cols. A,B. 'Federation.' [Articles about Mr Reid.]  
Observer 25 June 1898
p. 9 cols. B-E. 'Federation and Western Australia'; 'The Referendum' [South Australian results]; 'The Federal position in New South Wales.'
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p. 24 col. E; p. 25 col. A. 'The Federal to be or not to be?'  
p. 29 col. A. 'The Federal position in New South Wales. The no-confidence vote.'  
Observer 9 July 1898
p. 9 cols. B,C. 'Australian federation.' [Reid's speech: 'New South Wales was prepared to loyally take its place at the head of the Australian federation whenever the deed of partnership was made more equitable.']
Observer 23 July 1898
p. 9 cols. A,B. 'The Federal campaign.' [Mr Reid stated: '. . . as the representative of this great country, which will have to bear the bulk of the burden of federation, I demand as right and just that this Bill should be altered.']
Observer 3 September 1898
p. 24 cols. C-E. Editorial. 'The Federal "resolutions." ' [Mr Reid's amendments. 'To trust the Legislature of United Australia will be far better than to continue as we are - trusting nobody.']
Observer 1 October 1898
p. 29 col. B. 'A federal victory.' 'Mr Barton has won his election comfortably. The result must be regarded as a great federal victory. [He] is the accepted leader of the federal movement, and his presence in the Legislative Assembly of the mother colony is of the utmost importance . . . Federalists everywhere will fervently hope that he will succeed in removing the obstacles to federation.'
Observer 29 October 1898
p. 10 col. E. 'Federation.' 'Mr Hackett thought it would be very unwise for Western Australia to federate unless the present temper in the eastern colonies changed considerably.'
Observer 19 November 1898
p. 9 col. E. 'Federation.' 'The [Victorian] Premier has recommended to the Governor that a proclamation should be issued summoning a meeting of the Federal Council . . . to be attended by representatives of Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and Victoria . . . essential that the Council should meet every two years, otherwise that body would, according to the Imperial Act constituting it, become defunct.'