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Observer 3 June 1893
p. 6 cols. A-E; p. 7 cols. A-E. 'The financial crisis.'
p.6 cols. C,D. 'The Conference of Premiers.' [Sir John Downer] '. . . referred to the difference in banking laws in force in the colonies, and the necessity of assimilating them . . . The Premiers recognise the advantage of united action on the part of all colonies in the event of emergencies affecting either the whole or any portion of Australia.'  
Observer 10 June 1893
p. 32 cols. B,C. 'The unemployed.'
Observer 22 July 1893
p. 12 col. D. 'The Federal Council.' [New South Wales and South Australia asked to join the Federal Council; South Australia agrees.]
Observer 5 August 1893
p. 9 cols. C,D. 'The Corowa Federation Conference.' '. . . the object of the [Australian Federation] League to be the promotion of the federal cause and the union of all bodies striving to bring about federation into one organization . . .'
Observer 26 May 1894
p. 9 col. A. 'Australian federation.' [At Tamworth Sir George Dibbs criticises the federation scheme proposed at Sydney Federal Convention; advocates one government and objects to 'maintenance of State rights of each colony.']
Observer 16 June 1984
p. 25 cols. B,C. 'Lions in the Federation path.' '. . . New South Wales and Victoria seemed to be approaching towards a mutual federal agreement, from which the other provinces were almost expressly to be excluded.'
Observer 23 June 1894
p. 27 col. E. 'Australian federation.' '. . . proposal of Sir George Dibbs for the unification of New South Wales and Victoria.'
p. 42 cols. B,C. 'Sir George Dibbs' federation scheme.'  
Observer 1 September 1894
p.16 col.B. 'The Federation of Australia.' [Letters and telegrams between Premier of New South Wales [Reid] and South Australia [Kingston] re intercolonial free trade and federation; Kingston states: 'We hasten to assure you of the readiness and anxiety of this colony to assist in forwarding the federal movement to an early and satisfactory conclusion.']
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Observer 17 November 1894
p. 8 cols. C,D. 'The federation of the colonies.' 'Mr Reid was waited upon by the executive of the Australasian Federation League, who presented him with the resolutions adopted by the League on March 15, after the visit of Dr Quick . . . Reid had taken steps to bring about a meeting of the Australian Premiers.'
Observer 22 December 1894
p. 24 cols. C,D. Editorial. 'The Woman's Franchise Bill.'