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Observer 26 January 1895
p. 29 col. D. 'The Conference of Premiers.' [In Hobart to discuss intercolonial free trade; federal defence; the Murray waters.]
Observer 2 February 1895
p. 13 cols. A-C. 'Federation. Formation of a South Australian League.' [Australasian Federation League of South Australia] 'A meeting of the Organizing Committee of the South Australian Federation League was held at the Town Hall on Friday, January 25 when there were present a large number of gentlemen representing various political and commercial Societies.'
p. 13 cols. C,D. 'Australian Natives' Association.' [Meeting report]  
p. 24 cols. C-E. Editorial. 'Standard time and the clocks.'  
Observer 23 February 1895
p. 32 col. B. 'Australian federation.' [First meeting held of Executive Committee of Australasian Federation League of South Australia; President J.H. Symon.]
Observer 23 March 1895
p. 25 cols. A-C. 'Women voters.' [Formal notification of the Queen's assent to the Adult Suffrage Act.]
Observer 13 April 1895
p. 13 col. A. 'Adult suffrage. Celebration at the Albert Hall.' 'Adult suffrage would, she [C.H. Spence] believed, be the law throughout Australia before federation was accomplished.'
Observer 11 May 1895
p. 24 col. E; p. 25 col. A. 'Federation.' 'The Australasian Federation League of South Australia has . . . well begun its important work of educating public opinion concerning federal union . . . the League in its immediate purposes regarding the formation of country branches and the attraction of "the new political woman" to the ranks of the federal army. Women as well as men are eligible for membership . . . [The League] are recognising . . . that woman has the vote and that she will use it . . . the motto which it adopts - "Federation of the people by the people." '
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p. 42 col. D. 'Australian Natives' Association. Australian Federation.' [C.C. Kingston '. . . spoke vigorously and enthusiastically on the subject of Australian federation.'  
Observer 15 June 1895
p. 32 col. D. 'Federation League of South Australia.' [List of questions about federation to be asked of all Parliamentary candidates.]
Observer 5 October 1895
p. 41 cols. A,B. 'Federal Enabling Bill.' [Correspondence from New South Wales and Victoria to Premier re Federal Enabling Bill; Kingston had introduced Bill in South Australia without waiting for New South Wales or Victoria to act first.]
Observer 21 December 1895
p. 24 cols. C-E. Editorial. 'The Federation Bill.' [Bill passed third reading in South Australia.]